Peter Bigelow

President / CEO

Peter has over thirty five years experience with leading manufacturing companies and is an industry recognized authority serving for over ten years on the Board of Directors of IPC - Association Connecting Electronics and for the past twelve years has been a monthly columnist for Printed Circuit Design and Fabrication Magazine. Peter currently is an officer of the Boston Chapter of SMTA.…

Steve McDermit

VP - Operations

Steve has over twenty-five years industry experience in manufacturing, engineering and process management including having advised and assisted major laminate and chemical suppliers with their materials and process development efforts.

Pete Beaulieu

Sales Technical - Emeritus

Pete has over thirty-five years experience in operations, sales and technical support including having industry recognized expertise with PTFE/Duroid® materials utilized in RF/microwave appliciations.

Ken Manganaro

Customer Service

Ken has over twenty years experience in manufacturing, customer service and inside sales with large and small EMS and fabricators of high technology printed circuit boards providing fast response to customer inquiries.

Elaine Campbell

Q. A. Supervisor

Elaine is a certified IPC-A-600 Trainer with many years industry experience in all facets of manufacturing, inspection, methods as well as quality management of complex printed circuit boards. Elaine also manages IMI's ISO/AS and MIL certification programs.