IMI Inc. Has a new website...

May 26, 2016, 4:31 pm Steve McDermit

Haverhill, MA: IMI's website is new and updated... The new website focus on mobility, speed, content and enhancing the experience for our customers and users. We totally upgraded our infrastructure, use a new Content Management System (CMS), Drupal 8 and the latest in web development.

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Steve McDermit is VP - Operations of IMI... Email is:

About IMI Inc.

Founded in 1971, IMI is a leading provider of commercial and military, technologically-advanced printed circuit boards with significant expertise in fabricating on all types of Teflon/Duroid, polyimide, and more traditional FR-4 based laminates as well as mixed construction applications. Based in Haverhill, Massachusetts, IMI is MIL certified, ITAR registered as well as AS9100:2009/ ISO-9001:2008 registered and focuses on leading Aerospace, Military, Medical, RF/Microwave and Industrial electronics OEMs and contract manufacturers from its Haverhill facility. IMI also supplies volume commercial applications with manufacturing partners in Asia. For more information, visit