IMI Invests to Upgrade to new DFARS/NIST Security Protocols

May 17, 2017, 8:32 pm Peter Bigelow

Haverhill, MA, May, 8th, 2017: IMI, Inc. announced today that they have retained Neoscope, Technology Solutions, a Portsmouth NH IT security firm, to review and upgrade IMI’s IT systems and protocols so to conform to the recently announced DFARS and NIST security protocols required of suppliers to the U.S. military and DOD supply base. This investment demonstrates IMI’s long-term commitment to existing and future Military, Industrial, RF/ microwave, and Telecommunications customers who supply high security end applications and to assure their intellectual property is safe and secure.

Neoscope Technology Solutions is an IT consulting and management firm specializing in providing pro-active security monitoring and managed services. Neoscope’s customers include large and small companies in industries, such as medical services, financial services and manufacturing, as well as academia, where secure data is essential and constant upgrades to security protocols is the norm. Neoscope, working as a consultant with IMI’s tech and web design staff, will oversee initial evaluations, long-term monitoring and implementation of upgrades and improvements to the entire internal and external IT infrastructure.

Peter Bigelow, IMI President & CEO commented, “Working with the outstanding staff at Neoscope will assure that IMI will conform to any and all existing and future DFARS/NIST data security requirements and the company remains best-in-class as far as data security is concerned. Working with Neoscope will also enable our internal team to remain focused on satisfying our customers technical and service needs without being distracted by IT security issues that Neoscope will now be actively involved with” .

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